Open Studio ​​
Canvas Design Choices
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100's of design choices to choose from.  You will receive everything you need to paint, play and create at your own pace  during our Open Studio Time.  Artwork takes approximately 1 hour to 3 hours to complete depending on design choice.  Or take as long as you need!  This is not an instructor taught class, but a member of our "Work Of Art" team will be available for assistance in creating your "Work Of Art". ​​​
Just choose your design and bring your painty personality... 
Fun for the whole family! 
$25.00 per painter and design for Open Studio design.
​Below are just a few of our designs... many more in the shop to choose from!
Paint.  Play.  Create.

Check out some of our new designs below! 

We are always adding new, fresh designs to our artwork and crafting.  Feel free to talk to one of our work of art team members if you have something in mind and would like us to create a  special design just for you!
  1. Our nest
    Our nest
  2. Mexican Guitar
    Mexican Guitar
    16 x 20 acrylic. Beginners welcome.
  3. King of the coop!
    King of the coop!
    16 x 20 acrylic. Beginners welcome.
  4. Cool Cats I
    Cool Cats I
    Side one of a 2 person paint class. Together the tails make a sweet heart! 16 x 20 acrylic. Beginners welcome.
  5. Cool Cats II
    Cool Cats II
    Side two of a 2 person paint class. Or paint either side as a single class for one painter! 12 x 12 acrylic
  6. Cool Cats Duo Paint
    Cool Cats Duo Paint
    Class for 2 people. Beginners and family encouraged!
  7. Heart of Roses
    Heart of Roses
    12 x 12 acrylic
  8. Tree of love
    Tree of love
    11 x 14 acrylic
  9. Wishes in the wind
    Wishes in the wind
    11 x 14 acrylic.
  10. Pysanky eggs
    Pysanky eggs
    16 x 20 acrylic. Beginners weclome
  11. Wheelbarrow
    16 x 20 acrylic. Beginners welcome
  12. June 2019
    June 2019
    New designs for OPEN STUDIO or check calendar for upcoming class!

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